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Baton Rouge MapWe provide residential and commercial landscaping & maintenance services to the Greater Baton Rouge Area.
We strive for excellent business and work to Landscape Baton Rouge one yard (or property) at a time. As landscaping professionals its our duty to ensure customer satisfaction and make sure the job is done right every time. As you will see below, we offer a wide variety of services and have been in the industry for several years now. When seeking a landscape company or landscaping companies you need to keep in mind the quality service they provide. We have been in business for years and have many satisfied clients.

Our company culture is based on providing top quality services. We are very considerate of our clients budgets and want to save you money, but we are focused on providing you the best service your money can buy as opposed to being a ‘cheap’ company. We pay our employees well and pride ourselves on our workmanship.

We understand that in the long-run our business is built off of referrals and if we take care of our clients, our clients will take care of us and that has become our company mantra. You can learn more about our company in our company info section.

Residential Services

Residential services are always a top priority of ours. We ensure our clients homes look good and are treated properly with a long-term approach. No Cut Corners!

Commercial Services

We also handle Commercial properties with care and build teams around our commercial clients needs to ensure your needs are met. Along with our list of services, we have a strong network of other sub-contractors so if your job is out of our scope we have a network of high quality contractors

Landscaping Services


Several experienced and educated landscape architecture designers on hand to craft the perfect landscape for you Landscape Design


Our staff is trained to work with the designers to build to your spec Installation


Proper Lighting is an art form that sets the mood when built right. We can build and consult you in this.                  Landscape Lighting

Outdoor (Hardscapes)

Custom BBQ Pit or fireplace? A beautiful hardscape can be an attractive focal point. Hardscapes

Water Features

Everyone loves ponds & fountains. Add water to the mix to really show off your landscape. Water Features

Maintenance Services

General Maintenance

Our general landscaping service will keep your plants and bushes manicured to show off their vibrancy.                   Maintenance

Lawn Care

Nothing distracts from a beautiful yard worse than an overgrown lawn. We cut grass to perfection. Lawn Care

Irrigation Services

Irrigation will keep your landscape healthy vibrant. Sprinkler System Repair Irrigation Construction

Weed Control

Weeds suck. What more can we say? You don't want to pull them, so pay us to do it. Weed Control


We can protect your gardens or trees and enhance their beauty with keeping fresh mulch. Yard Mulching

Shrub & Tree Service

We trim shrubs and trees regularly to keep them healthy and beautiful Shrub Trimming


We inspect your plants and remove any damaged leaves, roots, branches to ensure good appearance. Pruning

Tips & Tricks

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In addition to Baton Rouge Landscaping we are heavily invested into weekly lawn mowing and maintenance. We have teams of workers that do nothing but mow and manicure yards and bushes. Because of this we are able to specialize and provide a quality service all around the area. If you are interested in a weekly maintenance contract, you can visit our partner website at Baton Rouge Lawn Service

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I have been working with these guys for 2 years now and they are always a pleasure to call on.

Review of Southern Turf

I have used Southern Turf for three jobs now. I am a builder/contractor and need landscaping work regularly. My work is generally 150-200k size homes and it requires quality landscape design but nothing out of the ordinary. Quick Jobs. So far their service has surpassed my expectations because most of the guys we bring tend to either miss the deadline or the word isn’t up to par. I plan to continue service with these guys

Great Service

I contacted these guys to rebuild my flower beds and install my irrigation system and they did a great job and had everything finished in two days. A+ service!