Retaining Wall Units

When thinking about ways to enhance your unique outdoor space, consider the possibilities a retaining wall offers! The retaining wall is one of the most versatile pieces of outside home décor and landscaping. While obviously functional, it can be customized to fit a variety of projects, settings, tastes, and needs. It is the perfect complement to any yard, flower bed, sloped driveway, or other outdoor setting.

Although this structure can be aesthetically appealing, it’s ultimate purpose is to keep uneven earth in one place, despite the fact that soil, water, and other parts of the landscape constantly push against it. Building a retaining wall can help create more usable space in steep yards, and it can create places for sitting, planting, and even patio furniture. In order to create a strong wall, a proper design and a well-made drainage system are crucial elements.

There are four different designs to choose from when selecting a retaining wall for your home’s needs: a gravity wall, a piling wall, a cantilever wall, and an anchored wall. Each of these different designs will fit specific landscapes and materials so it is important to consult with a builder before choosing the right retaining wall for your project.

Retaining walls can be constructed from a variety of materials- wood, earth, concrete, and stone. However, stone walls are by far the most popular for home projects. Choosing stone not only allows you to create elevated landscaping projects, but it can also introduce a wide variety of color palates in your yard. Varied textures and shapes of the stones can also enhance the beauty of your project.


Weathered Mosaic Buff

Weathered Mosaic Normandy

Weathered Mosaic Gray