1. What services do we offer?

Please locate the “Services” section found on the Home Page of this website. You will be impressed with the diversity of services we offer. We have in house technicians and specialty crews equipped and trained to provide an extensive range of services.


2. Assuming I hire your company, how soon can you start the work?

Maintenance services, typically, can be started within one (1) week from date of authorization. Landscape services vary depending on the scope of work, size of project, weather, permitting process, and too many other factors to list. Simply stated, each project is handled on a case by case basis.


3. Who will “oversee” the work I have hired you to complete?

Each Maintenance account (i.e. client) is provided a single point of contact, known as an Account Manager. Each client will have unlimited and direct contact with their Account Manager. It is the responsibility of the Account Manager to develop and maintain a successful relationship by providing a solution based approach for ANY need that is discovered or brought to their attention. Each Landscape project has an assigned Project Manger. In conjunction with other associates (sales, design staff, etc.) the PM will work to meet and hopefully exceed all previously established expectations.


4. How do I know when your crews will be on my property, if they have already been on my property and what services are scheduled next?

Upon execution of our Maintenance Services, each client is provided with a calendar of events know as a “Service Matrix”. This calendar clearly details what and when all services will occur, within a (12) month period. In addition, upon completion of all horticultural services, a “marker” is left indicating the type and date of service. Landscape Services will be discussed and arrangements will be made prior to commencement of services.


5. Can we get this done within my budget?

We provide a variety of services that can accommodate most any client’s needs or budgets. Our focus is on serving the best interest of the consumer. We will customize and tailor our programs to accommodate what best suits each specific client. Our focus at Carolina Creations Landscapes, Inc. is on bringing long term appreciable value to all of our customers. Value and service that our customers are certain that they can always rely on, no matter what their needs may be or how often or infrequent they may occur…


6. Do I need General Maintenance or Mowing services all year?

Please reference the “General/Mowing” service description. After review of the service description if you still find the need for assistance, please contact our office and we will be glad to assist.


7. Do we have a nursery on site?

No, our philosophy prevents this. Due to the unique and individual attention each site requires, we do not want our design staff or clients to be held captive or feel persuaded to use inventory we may have “overstocked”; we mean in stock.


8. Do I still get a Guarantee on the plants and sod if I choose not to install an irrigation system?

We guarantee “live material”, such as plants and grass (sod, seed, sprigs), will die if not watered and properly managed. Unfortunately, we cannot take unreasonable risks and therefore all warranties on “live material” are void in the event irrigation is unavailable.


9. Is weeding of the flower beds included in your maintenance services?

Yes, please reference our General/Mowing Service description for a more detailed explanation.


10. Are we hiring?

Please locate the “Career Opportunities” page found in the About Us section for more specific information.